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Electric Ink/Electric Ink Heavy

Electric Ink inks are manufactured with the best and purest raw materials available in the market today. The pigments used in its manufacture are imported, of high purity, which results in a final product of indisputable quality, the result of years of studies and comments from several professional artists who use paint from the beginning of its manufacture.

Electric Ink Machines

Electric Ink machines are manufactured to fit the professional tattoo shape to facilitate their work and help develop their own style.
The chassis are made of cast iron with their own special alloys to facilitate the magnetism of the machine contributing to the improvement of the stability in its use.

New Cushion® Disposable Tubes

Anatomical disposable tubes, injected ABS and with damping technology. Designed to reduce vibration in the hand of the artist caused by the machine, reduces the formation of calluses on the fingers and with a unique internal protection system to prevent ink leakage.


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  • 'Sado Dark'
  • Black & Grey
  • Full Color
  • Geometrical
  • Graffiti
  • Hiper Realism
  • Japanese
  • Lettering
  • Neo Traditional
  • New School
  • Realism
  • Mocho
  • Maciej “Magic” Chesiak
    Maciej “Magic” Chesiak
  • Laura Juan
    Laura Juan
  • Maciej Jan Smuczynski “Magic”
    Maciej Jan Smuczynski “Magic”
  • Kid Kros
    Kid Kros
  • Max Ghostar
    Max Ghostar



Nationality: Spain
Work in Barcelona (ESP)

Maciej “Magic” Chesiak

Nationality: Ireland

Work in Cork (IRL)

Magics Tattoo is a place where Art, Talent and Passion meet. We are enthusiastic about what we do and we work in a fully professional way, using sterile equipment.

We can make your body look great! Choose your tattoo from 50,000 different examples in black, white, full range of colors, or only visible under UV light! Each client is treated individually, you can bring your own design, project, or just an idea and have a unique tattoo.

High quality of difficult works like covers and portraits provide our lever of professionalism and our dedication to work. We can do a very difficult tattoo cover or draw a portrait from a photograph.

Laura Juan

Laura Juan – Nationality: Spain

Works in Madrid (ESP)

All my life I’ve been drawing and painting, while at the age of 21 I also started tattoos. What at the beginning seemed to be a difficult challenge soon became my passion. Thanks for the tattoo art I can express myself and share with others my work that will last a lifetime. Over time, I have specialized in realistic tattoo trying to capture the skin, as if it were a paper or a canvas.

Maciej Jan Smuczynski “Magic”

Nationality: Poland
Work in Cookstown (Northern Ireland – UK)

Kid Kros

Nationality: Croatia

Work in Split (CRO)

Max Ghostar

Nationality: Peru

Work in Winterthur (CH)

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