Electric Ink® is a Brazilian brand founded in 2006 by tattoo artists with the aim of satisfying and understanding the needs of professionals and artists in the tattoo world. In 2009, our factory obtained GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certification, the manufacturing standard for all pharmaceutical grade products. In 2011, after years of research, the company decided to develop and manufacture inks and equipment for permanent makeup, following the same quality process used in our tattoo inks.

Since then, we have been working on the development and manufacture of pigments, machines and equipment for tattoo and permanent makeup, with a solid team of qualified professionals in engineering, electronics, mechanics, chemistry, production, as well as pharmaceutical and technical collaborators, full time.

Over the years we have incorporated the highest German technology in the manufacturing processes of our inks, as well as Swiss and Japanese technologies in the production of machines and equipment, with all products subject to the strictest controls. In addition to the tests carried out in Brazil, tests are carried out in Germany to control the quality and purity of our pigments and raw materials (tests for bacteria, fungi, germs, aromatic amines, CMR dyes, heavy metals, PAHs, thickness, texture and correspondence color).

Today Electric Ink offers products of indisputable quality and safety to several countries around the world, working to comply with American, European and Brazilian standards, ensuring the quality and standards necessary to exceed the expectations of all its distributors and customers around the world. We have a large number of specialists who support us in testing new materials so that we can produce according to the taste of professionals and according to their needs.

Reference in quality in the Brazilian market, we export to countries such as the United States, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Bolivia, Colombia, Australia, Malaysia, Japan, Spain, Portugal, France, Russia, England, Italy, Indonesia, Thailand and Germany and we are one of the first manufacturers to obtain authorization from the German Ministry of Health to market our Electric Ink tattoo inks in Europe.

Today we are market leaders in South and North America, with headquarters in Europe and Asia, official suppliers in more than 20 countries and sponsored artists around the world, united as one big family.

Even with all the know-how acquired over the years, Electric Ink always seeks to improve itself to be at the forefront in the research and development of specific products for tattoo and dermopigmentation (permanent makeup), in order to offer professionals and clients the most modern and safe products, at an affordable price, worldwide.


* Reject imitations, use only original products registered by the health authorities. Ensure your professional safety and the safety of your client.


“Electric Ink: from tattoo artist to tattoo artist …”

Reject imitations, use only original products registered by the health authorities. Ensure your professional safety and the safety of your client.

Electric Ink: from tattoo artist to tattoo artist