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Electra Pop

150.00 115.00 +IVA

Electra fabricada con un compuesto polimérico con fibra de carbono y motor japonés electric ink, para cartuchos universales.
Conector RCA.
Garantía de 6 meses.
Precio de oferta lanzamiento realizando precompra 99 € + iva.
Plazo de entrega :YA EN STOCK !!!
Para pedidos llamar al 93 343 72 62 o escribir a comercial08@electricink.eu

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About the machine:
The chassis is light and resistant, made of polymers with fiber loading.
The travel of the machine is 3.3mm
The engine is Japanese 3.5 watt with steel bath on the end of the stem. (It is not a motor with bearings).

The warranty of the machine is total of 6 months including the engine (with loss of the immediate warranty if the engine spoils due to use of poor quality sources or inadequate voltage). If the warranty period expires and over time it is necessary to change the engine, the replacement cost of the engine will be € 45 plus shipping costs.
The ideal operating voltage: Minimum of 6 volts and maximum of 12 volts. Volumes above or below the stipulated can ruin your engine.

Every rotary machine is used for lines, paint and shade. What regulates this is the speed of it increasing or decreasing the voltage until it accompanies the movement of your hand.
Machine with a lot of power, which makes it work very well in low voltage.
The plug of the machine is RCA and clipcord is not included.

The machine is not equal to classic aluminum Electra and does not have the same engine. They are different machines with similar designs. The chassis of the Electra Pop is only 5 mm larger than the Electra Clásica of aluminum.

This machine has been developed to cater for artists looking for a professional, simple, reliable machine that has permanent technical assistance, anvisa registration, invoice, which has a motor specifically developed for it and does not want or can not invest in a product with the highest added technology (Machines with high power inkjet engines and high cost production in aerospace aluminum, CNC machined with hand polishing and exclusive magnetic plug)


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