Electric Ink PF Classic Liner

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Electric Ink PF Classic Liner

Electric Ink PF, is a model for classic line, the result of more than 20 years of experience in the manufacture of coil machines.
It was specially developed to be used on 7 volts. (We recommend using with Electric Ink, Critical, Eikon or Icel power supplies).

The exact 7 volt machine can be used for a wide variety of lines in different styles with RL or RS needles, 3 to 11, perfectly and easily. With 14 to 19 round needles, is effective for those who have mastered the 45 degree slant stroke technique.
The machine can also be used to shade and paint up to 9 Magnum (with Perfect needles) and up to 11 Magnum (with Black Cat or Pro Needles).
(Suggestion of using the needles with the machine).

Thanks to its average speed, it does not break the strokes in small tattoos, when the speed of the hand during the strokes is reduced by the short movements of the artist.
(Used in conjunction with Easy Glow Extreme Black, suggestion to use fineline with the machine)

It is a lightweight coil machine, with the same weight as the Aluminum Bulldog, 12% lighter than the Iron Bulldog and 30% lighter than the Brass Bulldog. Powerful and versatile for those who like coil machine and have not been able to adapt to rotaries or who use rotaries and have not adapted to coils.


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Regulated for Lines

Matte black
Operating voltage: 7 volts
Dimensions: 81mm x 96mm x 27mm
Weight: 207 grams

Warranty: The warranty period offered by Electric Ink follows current European regulations. Electric Ink’s warranty against manufacturing defects starts from the purchase of the product by the consumer, verified by the purchase invoice of the respective item.

Technical assistance: contact by email via [email protected]

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