Mint Green Electric Ink

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ELECTRIC INK artistic inks : a range of colors.

ELECTRIC INK artistic inks are manufactured with the best and purest raw materials currently available on the market.

The high purity of the pigments used in its manufacture results in a final product of unquestionable quality, after years of research and the opinion of several professional artists who have used the inks since its creation.

Easy to apply pigment used by some of the best artists in the world.

Manufactured with total asepsis and biosecurity.

Sterilized with gamma rays after packaging, guaranteeing a product totally free of microorganisms.

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The 3 artistic ink brands (Electric Ink, Heavy, Easy Glow) are registered Electric Ink brands, manufactured in Brazil.

Brand: Electric Ink

Factory sealed 30ml packaging.

Sterilized with gamma rays

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Color Tinta para Tatuar



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