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Caribbean Green Easy Glow 30ml

11.16 +IVA

EASY GLOW artistic inks: easy fixation and new technology with low sedimentation.

EASY GLOW inks have excellent stabilization in aqueous medium, providing a higher level of intensity and helping to fix the pigment.

With new technology for the dispersion of particles, they do not present sedimentation, coagulation, hardening. If the pigment separation happens, just shake the product.

High resistance to alterations (by sunlight, pollutants, solvents, etc.).

Pigments developed to achieve optimal results of colorimetric properties.

Easy to apply, manufactured with total asepsis and biosecurity.

Sterilized with gamma rays after packaging, guaranteeing a product totally free of microorganisms.

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The 3 artistic ink brands (Electric Ink, Heavy, Easy Glow) are registered Electric Ink brands, manufactured in Brazil.
Brand: Easy Glow
Factory sealed 30ml packaging.
Sterilized with gamma rays

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Color Tinta para Tatuar


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