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In Microblading, the FLEX teboris, short for “flexible”, are ideal blades for all professionals. Also used in professional training classes and by beginner technicians, it is a fairly versatile model that offers great security to the new professional, to perform any type of eyebrow without the apprehension of damaging the client’s skin.
The 7 FLEX and 7 FLEX CURVED models are recommended for optimal performance of procedures such as:
• Thinner eyebrows
• Delicate brow tail
• Finishing between hairs made with blades with more needles

The disposable Tebori was created to be a contamination-proof device. Its ultralight and 100% disposable body avoids any type of transport of biological waste from one client to another.

Electric Ink is the only company on the market that verifies and checks 100% of the units produced and offers professionals a wide variety of high-quality needle types, with the sterilization process certification seal.

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Flex Collection – 7, 9 11, 12 – 0.22mm

Product sterilized with ethylene oxide and packed with surgical paper, approved after a strict quality control process, with individual analysis of the needles. It guarantees maximum hygiene and safety to the professional and the client in microblading procedure (permanent makeup).

CONTAINS: 01 disposable Tebori applicator with needle.

INDICATIONS: Tebori (inductor applicator) is made up of a support (applicator) and a needle, attached to it. Manufactured exclusively for the permanent makeup procedure (micropigmentation) or for a corrective aesthetic procedure.

READY TO USE: Perform cosmetic or micropigmentation corrective procedure and discard applicator and needles after use. Single use device. Reuse prohibited.



  • After use, dispose of the applicator in a group 3 container, specific for contaminating materials.
  • Store in a cool, dry place, protected from moisture and direct sunlight.
  • Always handle this product with procedural gloves.


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