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Created by Electric Ink to serve tattoo artists looking for a reliable machine that combines economy and quality. Made of industrial polymer, it retains the same functionality and quality as the famous machines made of aluminum. Excellent machine for lines, filling, shading, painting, which will satisfy all the needs. Precise equipment that runs smoothly and quietly.

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Product information:

Lightweight and strong industrial polymer frame.
Engine: Japanese Mabuchi
Operating voltage: 6 to 12 volts
Stroke length: 3.2mm
Needle protrusion: according to grip adjustment
Weight: 74 grams
Dimensions: 67.5x30x97mm

Universal machine, can be used with traditional cartridges or needles, also suitable for Genesis grip and disposable grips.

Ideal operating voltage: Minimum of 6 volts and maximum of 12 volts. (Voltages above or below stipulated can cause damage to the motor).

All rotary machines are used for lines, painting and shade. What regulates this is the speed increasing or decreasing the voltage until the machine follows the movement of the hand.
Very powerful machine, works very well in low voltage.

————————- Items Included ————————-

– 1 Electra Pop machine
– Manual
* RCA cable not included

Warranty: The warranty period offered by Electric Ink follows current European regulations.

Electric Ink’s warranty against manufacturing defects starts from the purchase of the product by the consumer, verified by the purchase invoice of the respective item.

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contact by email via [email protected]

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Direct-Drive (Motor Rotativo)

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