Straight Piercing Needles 18GA/1,2mm 2` 100un

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Straight piercing needle.

Advanced Needles, state-of-the-art technology geometrically perfected by Professional Piercers.
Electric Ink Advanced piercing needles, individually bagged and sterilized by ethylene oxide, follow all national and international standards (ISOS) for manufacturing and quality. Its walls are malleable, so it is easy to fold if necessary.

The bevel is slightly larger to lessen the impact during transfixation and the three-sided blades are very sharp, reducing skin trauma caused by conventional needles.

*Dry Film Coating is the coating of the needle that allows it to slide over the skin without the need for lubricants.

Needle body: 18 Gauges (1.0mm) diameter
Needle size: 5.08cm
Indications: Nostril (Nose) Piercings.

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Quantity: 100 units
Model: 18 GA / 1,2mm
Brand: Advanced Needles (Body Piercing)
Indications: Varied piercings


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