Wireless Power 3 power supply

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Small in size and giant in innovation!

With features never seen before, check out how a revolutionary power supply can benefit your work:

Through simple movements you can turn on, turn off and change the speed of your power supply. In addition, it has an innovative Sensitivity Indicator that, connected directly to the ammeter, shows in real time if you are using your machine correctly, without overloading it.

With the Kick Booster function you connect your power supply starting from a higher ideal voltage, which allows you to increase the machine’s lifespan.

Versatile, it has exclusive magnetic coupling MC2 and RCA adapter. It also has Bluetooth 5.3, Dot Work function, machine drivers, multi-languages, tattoo session timer, ammeter, voltage and hertz option, speed memories, short circuit protection and external battery, which prevents eventual damage.

A small and light power supply that provides more freedom and speed to your work.

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Wireless Power 3 supply

Check out the power of Power 3 now and be surprised by an entire new world of possibilities!

  • Turn on and off and change speed by gesture control;
  • Compatible with Electric Ink app;
  • Compatible with Bobtail footswitch;
  • LED sensitivity indicator;
  • MC2 magnetic coupling with RCA adapter;
  • Bluetooth 5.3;
  • Machine drivers;
  • Timer to keep track of tattoo session time;
  • Multi language;
  • Dot work function;
  • Ammeter;
  • Kick booster;
  • Color screen;
  • Short circuit protection;
  • Speed ​​memories;
  • External battery.

* The rechargeable battery for Power 3 – Li-Ion 2000mAh is the ideal battery recommended for this power supply

*Suitable for Pen 3 machine and all Electric Ink rotary machines with RCA connection.


  1. What machines is the Power 3 supply compatible with? It is compatible with the Pen 3 machine (MC2 coupling) and Electric Ink machines with RCA connection.
  1. What battery is recommended? Rechargeable LI-ION battery for Power 3.
  1. What is the battery life? The autonomy is influenced by several factors such as  amperage, voltage, among others, but it can reach up to 16 hours.
  1. How does on/off motion sensor work? When you grip the machine with Power  3 supply, it will turn on automatically, since its sensor will recognize the movement. When the machine is stopped, it will stop working as there’s no movement.
  1. When the battery life runs out, should I discard my power supply? NO! This is one of its main advantages. When the battery life runs out, simply replace the battery and keep using your power supply.
  1. What is the sensitivity indicator that appears on the screen for? This indicator is connected to the ammeter and shows if you are using your machine correctly, without excessively straining the motor. This increases the machine’s lifespan.


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The warranty period offered by Electric Ink follows current European regulations. Electric Ink’s guarantee against manufacturing defects starts from the purchase of the product by the consumer, verified by the purchase invoice of the respective item.


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